Oh those No-See-Ums

Today is the first day those no-see-um bites I got in the Bahamas stop itching…believe me they itch like hell.  We took the morning flight out of Great Harbour Cay and it just rained before we got there. We stood at the back of the airport on the grass waiting… big mistake, we became no see um feast !

We also got bitten at the outdoor patio while we dined but since the hotel planted citronella right next to the tables, it wasn’t that bad.



As inspect repellents, I brought Deet and my own mix of citronella-eucalyptus oil with avacado as the carrier oil


2 thoughts on “Oh those No-See-Ums

  1. I didn’t realize that there was actually a citronella plant! Good to know – definitely need to get some of that to plant in the back yard of our house in Green Turtle Cay. No-see-ums are awful there at some times of the year. I’ve found Neosporin helps — if nothing else, it seems to numb the bites, so they don’t itch as much. Glad yours are doing better.

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