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Blissful Blog of my travels…


I would not have been able to travel the way I’ve done these years had there been no Google, no Tripadvisor….. In those pre-internet days, I used to go to Chapters or the library to look up info on places I wanted to travel to, make notes and book through a travel agent.

Gone are those days. Now I can find niches and nooks I never would have heard of, find the info on the internet, read Tripadvisor reviews, book the tickets myself, deal directly with the hotel or rent a villa.

93 (11)

Thanks to travelers and bloggers who have posted helpful info and details on the net, I have been able to enjoy 6 star travel on a reasonable budget. By 6 star I don’t mean lavish luxury.  For me, it means that I get to thoroughly enjoy my trip in terms of accommodation, food and things to do.

Half of the fun in travelling is the research on where to go, where to stay, what to eat and what to do.  It’s like hitting the jackpot when the trip turns out perfectly the way I planned.   I have posted on Tripadvisor, Facebook,  and Blogger bits and pieces of my travels. This is an attempt to organize everything on one blog so that I can share useful info, notes and snapshots  with fellow travelers. Hopefully that will make your travel as enjoyable as mine.

Fly Fishing at Shark Creek

I am a sun-and-sand gal, so more emphasis will be on trips to tropical havens. Starting with my recent travels to Great Harbour Cay, Bahamas and Aruba, I will be posting previous travel snapshots and notes on :

Turks and Caicos, Bermuda, Grand Cayman, Tahiti, The Great Barrier Reef and Australia, China and Hong Kong, Brazil, Canada, USA,  St. Martin, Antigua, Virgin Island, Cuba, Dominican Rebublic, Mexico,   ….stay tuned



* In case you want to use any photos from my blog, please let me know and provide a link back to my blog with acknowledgement. Thanks.






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